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Kannad ELT's

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Aviation Radio | Integra Kannad Integra AF (& H model)


The Integra AF is designed for flat installation on fixed wing aircraft.** (Helicopter Version available)
Operating independently of the aircraft, the back-up antenna will transmit your position through the 406 MHz frequency to the Cospas-Sarsat search and rescue satellites.

GPS inside
Antenna inside
GPS Options
Economic installation
10-year manufacturer warranty

Aviation Radio | Bat-200 Battery Replacements
Kannad Compact, Integra, 406 AF and respective Helicopter H model ELT's, please see us for your battery change services.
Sameday turn around.
Loaner available if no downtime required.


Artex ME406 batteries in stock as well. Special Pricing.

Aviation Radio | Spare parts Kannad ELT Installation Spare Parts
We hold a good selection of installation hardware in stock.

Strap worn out......??

Aviation Radio | ELT Antenna ELT Antenna's
Good selection of ELT whip and solid Antenna's in stock

AV-200 and AV-300

Aviation Radio | Loaners Loaner ELT
Can't have down time for an ELT Battery change or repair.
Please contact us for a Loaner.

Compact, Integra, 406 AF & H models available.